Special Feature North & East Hokkaido Great journey to a true winter wonderland

Hokkaido lies at the northernmost point of Japan and is surrounded by the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan, and the Pacific Ocean.
The island is a patchwork of unique and stunning locations whose scenery completely changes character with each passing season.
From the natural landscapes to local industries, each region and season offers something different, so there's no end to the ways you can enjoy this picturesque wonderland. Whichever version of Hokkaido you see, there's a wealth of life-changing discoveries and life-long memories just waiting to be made.
Not to mention, there's a reason why Hokkaido is known as food and hot springs heaven —
if you're led by your taste buds or want to feel your fatigue melt away at a soothing Japanese spa, this is the place for you.
So, how about coming to see this land of rich natural beauty and seasonal diversity for yourself?

Recommended Spots

Seeking the Wonder

More impressive and more beautiful places you can not miss in North and East Hokkaido


Shiretoko Drift
Ice Walk

From late January to early March, the Okhotsk Coast is awash with spotless white drift ice formed from frozen sea water.

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Sounkyo Onsen
Ice Fall Festival

For around six weeks every year, Sounkyo Onsen, nestled between a range of roughly 2,000-meter-high mountains, hosts Hokkaido's most popular event.

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Horonobe Reindeer
Sledding Experience

Japan's most visited guest ranch is a spacious plot of land home to some 50 reindeer, an animal native to cold climes such as the arctic circle.

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Betsukai Ice Horizon

The ice horizon is a large expanse of ice that spreads out as far as the horizon.

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Piyashiri Forest
Snow Picnic

Delve into a forest enrobed in the finest pure-white powder snow in Japan.

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Lake Akan Frost Flowers

Surrounded by dense forest in the middle of a National Park, Lake Akan is known for its hot springs and picturesque scenery.

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SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this winter, this scenic railway runs through the Kushiro Marsh in the winter months only.

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