Aramasa Junmai Daiginjo Sato Uhee 720 ml

This brewery was established in 1852 at the end of the Edo Period. They are widely known as discover of "Kyokai No. 6" (Aramasa yeast), said to be the oldest existing commercial yeast, which is still used at breweries all over Japan. When the young brewer Yusuke Sato came to the brewery and began crafting sake featuring Akita rice and No.6 yeast, he was able to create a sake that exemplifies uniqueness, and it instantly became a popular brand that is hard to get hold of. This is the flagship sake of the brewery, bearing the name "Sato Uhee" that each head brewer has taken over the generations. It is fresh and crisp on the palate, with a delightfully clean acidic edge.

Address: 6-2-35 Omachi, Akita, Akita Prefecture (Aramasa Shuzo)

Airport: Akita Airport

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