Lake Towada, on the border of Aomori and Akita prefectures

Lake Towada offers some of the most stunning scenery in northern Japan. Its beautiful waters, like a natural mirror, clearly reflect the sky and surrounding mountains. The wide-open panoramic views inspire visitors to take a deep breath of the fresh air. No matter how many times one may visit, words will never convey how impressive this place is.

Lake Towada is a caldera lake that was shaped about 200,000 years ago by volcanic activity. A caldera lake forms in a depression left behind after volcanic eruptions, which over the years build up a store of rainwater.

The inner part of the lake, where the Ogura Peninsula and Nakayama Peninsula stretch out on either side, has a depth of 327 meters, making Lake Towada the third-deepest lake in Japan. It's a fact that gives a sense of the destructive energy from the eruptions that hollowed out the land here and the great time it took to sculpt the lakebed.

Sightseers with a little extra time can also enjoy a cruise on the lake. If you come in winter, you can delight in the snowy scenery or visit a nearby ski slope.

Lake Towada is also famed for its lush greenery and autumn leaves. People flock here to savor the seasons and take a re-energizing break from their everyday routines. Another wonderful thing about the nature here is that you can enjoy viewing it from a distance or get right up close.

In addition, the area is an attractive destination for the traditional inns and hot springs as well as the delicious local cuisine.
Take a dip in a hot spring, fill your belly with fresh red salmon and "kiritanpo" (pounded rice cooked over an open hearth), and soothe your soul along the serene lakeshore.

Address: Towada City, Aomori Prefecture; Kosaka Town, Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture

Airport: Aomori Airport
Misawa Airport

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