Venerate old Sakura tree stands and overlooks the great mountains in the horizon

Kyushu Island lies southwest of Honshu. South Aso is on the west side of Kumamoto Prefecture, in central Kyushu. There stands a famous and regal 90-year old Kannon cherry tree.

In the middle of a great ranch stands a single majestic cherry tree. The mountains of Takadake, Nakadake, and Eboshidake tower in the horizon, providing a magnificent backdrop to the scene. At night, lights shining upon the cherry tree make for a dramatic and memorable flower viewing.

How to get there

At JR Kumamoto Station, take the Hohi Honsen towards Bungo Takeda for 1 hour. Transfer at Tateno Station to Minami Aso Railways Takamori Line. Ride for 10 minutes to Kase Station. 52 minute walk to the Kannon Sakura.

Admission: ¥100

Address: Kain, Minamiaso, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture

Airport: Kumamoto Airport

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