Tamatsukuri Hot Springs

Just a stone’s throw from Matsue and the shores of Lake Shinji you’ll find Tamatsukuri Onsen, a primeval spot home to one of the most ancient hot springs in all of Japan. Legend has it that even today, the gods themselves come to bathe here once a year.

Soak in one of the full-body or foot spas here and you’ll soon be feeling divine yourself. And this is no myth—the waters of Tamatsukuri have been scientifically proven to work wonders for your skin. Contain the highest proportion of skin moisturizing compounds of any hot spring in Japan, the water here is even used as a key ingredient in a variety of cosmetics, leading it to be recognized with a special prize by the Minister of the Environment.

After relaxing in the baths, go for a stroll along the gentle tree-lined waters of the Tamayu River, and admire the scenery along with sculptures depicting divine and legendary figures from Japan’s days of yore. Pray to the gods at Tamatsukuri-yu Shrine and they just might smile on you and lead you to your soulmate. No matter how you choose to spend your time, the Tamatsukuri springs are truly a divine destination for both the body and soul.

Getting There
From Izumo Airport, take a shuttle bus to JR Matsue Station (thirty minutes). From there, take a local bus (Route #61 or #62) to Tamatsukuri-Onsen (about twenty minutes). Alternatively, take the San’in Main Line to Tamatsukuri-Onsen Station (about ten minutes), and walk from there.

Airport: Izumo Airport


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