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Rurikoin is the Kyoto temple that I always recommend people should visit. It opens only twice a year: in April for its cherry blossoms, and in autumn for its maple leaves. There are many famous places for enjoying maple leaves, but Rurikoin is for me the loveliest.
In autumn, I like going up to the temple’s second floor. There, you can see the colorful maple leaves through the windows around you and also reflected in the smooth wooden table. The blue sky, red leaves and blurred reflection combine to make me feel like I’m in a painting. As well as that viewing point, there is a place where visitors can copy Buddhist scriptures. This is a traditional way of relaxation in some parts of Asia. People believe it can calm the body and soul.
Unlike the second floor, the first floor presents views of rocks and greenery. Visitors are offered hot green tea as they contemplate the scene.
Visiting Rurikoin always leaves a deep impression on me. Time goes by more slowly, and I relax and find peace of mind.

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